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Customer Testimonials

100% Recommend

I have been in contact with Alison (Show Grooms International) for a few years now

It was one of the best phone calls I ever made!!!

Alison has sent me to the best jobs with some of the best riders and horses around the world....

I highly recommend Alison as she truly does have the best jobs!!!

The experience I have gained is incredible!!

Us grooms are very lucky to have you Alison

Jaydene Shauna IRE

My first message for Alison been in 2014, so we have a quite long lasting relationship. She’s been there from very beginning of my journey worldwide. And I could not imagine it without her. Her service is top class quality. I could not trust anyone more than her.

Always the best advice, honestly and always willing to find a place, where both sides ( employee and employer ) would be satisfied from the very first working hour together. I am very lucky, that she trusted me and always gave me best opportunities, that also gave me a lot of confident reaching for the best level. To be working surrounded by top of the top in the equestrian world is a big responsibility, and great push in everyday improvement.

And I am travelling all over with my best friend, what is so unreal, to be able to travel, learn and work together and this would also be not so easy without Alison help. Her company and efforts are not only making other people dreams come true, but also helping equestrian sport improve by creating strongest and best teams, motivating people to become best version of themselves!

No doubt SHOW GROOMS INTERNATIONAL is 5* service!

Martyna, Lithuania

"I had the chance to start my 5* level career at Ludger Beerbaum stables and continue it with Bertram. I know how lucky I am that Alison picked me, an inexperienced groom/rider, to start straight in that kind of stable. Without her help and contacts with the best stables in the world I probably wouldn't have achieved half of what I have done today." 

Kirsty, France

I have had the privilege of representing Alison McIvor of Show Grooms International as a freelance groom for over 3 years. I have enjoyed some of the best work experiences of my life. If you strive to be the best, work for the best or employ the best then be represented by the best....Alison McIvor of Show Grooms International.

Sarah, Australia

"" Show Grooms International is an amazing service for grooms, riders and employers alike.

Alison McIvor is an experienced horse woman who knows all sides of a barn and wants only the best for her clients and staff. I am so glad to have worked with her as I freelanced my way around Europe, she gave me valuable advice, new friends, and experiences I could have never dreamed of. Thank you Ali, you are a friend for life and a service I will always use! ""

Ally, USA

Alison helped me find a great job.

Both friendly and efficient she made sure the job was suited to me and there was continued support to ensure all was as it should be.

Kelly, Netherlands

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