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Why you should be part of the Grooms Club.... its all about you !

Here at Show Grooms International we like to take really good care of our Grooms.

Being a Groom myself I know exactly how Physically Demanding the actual work is.

I have worked with horses for over 40 years so you can trust me when I say I've been there and got the T shirt.

Why work with SGI?

S​GI are much more than a route to finding employment within the equine sector.

Having 40 years’ experience as a groom and still working actively means Alison has the connections to all the best stables. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, to ensure that the grooms nowadays have an easier time finding the best jobs, with employers who value them.

SGI are committed to ensuring protection of ethnics and work conditions of all its clients, working together with the IGA International Grooms Association to highlight and improve the status and working conditions of all grooms worldwide.

To become part of this massive movement is very powerful, because only together can change be made. Historically, SGI has proved to be a major player in the sports horse world, promoting better conditions and supporting fair employment practices. This work has been highlighted recently with press articles, and it’s a constant passion of SGI.

Our Services to You

SGI like to work with employees on an ongoing basis, working together like this can only improve your chances of finding that perfect opportunity, as much of the hiring is done without advertising.

SGI are now in the position to offer services to grooms, to help you find the best job, that suits you, to support your search, to improve your application, to liaise and follow through with guidance and support and to eventually be able to offer more jobs later, bettering your career.

SGI have a lot of connections and support from the top teams in the world and can share these connections with you.

SGI can provide the following services: -

•Help with making your CV with a SGI template and making your job application more attractive.

•Help with choosing the right job, and right team for you.

•Possibility to apply for amazing job opportunities in the best sport horse stables in the world.

•Possibility to apply for unadvertised jobs, with the highest ranked riders in the world.

•Continued help and guidance during your work and offering new opportunities. Helping you mould your career in the best way.

•Be part of the positive change in the horse world.

•Be part of a giant network of amazing grooms worldwide.

To avail of the above services and opportunities, SGI have a membership academy. An annual subscription starts each September, and costs £100.

It’s a small price to pay for such a huge impact on your life, especially if SGI can help you access jobs of your dreams and support you through your career, holding your hand through the process.

Want to give yourself a head start in your job search ? join now,    


I know that all the Show Grooms I have placed so far have been very grateful for the huge input I have given to ensure they find the job of their dreams. check out their comments here

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